I am so happy to be back in Italy!

I moved back to Italy in May of 2022.

I am back to painting with my teacher Gigi Vanvestraught.

This is my first completed painting since moving back.  It is from a photo I shot in 2014 on a visit to the Vatican.

Floutist, 2022, Italy

My niece asked me for a painting of her dog



Three Dancer's 





I decided to challenge myself and try a self portrait.  I consider portraits to be my weakest skill, so it is a good challenge.

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This oil painting is still drying on my easel.  On a recent visit to Garmisch, I saw this fountain.  I was inspired by it's beauty and motion, so it became the subject for this painting.  

This is a little oil painting of a church in the neighboring town of Waldenbuch on a very snowy day.



I am grateful I can walk my dog around the beautiful countryside. This is a small painting of a spot near my home.  It is beautiful throughout the year, but I find it especially beautiful in Autumn.


Hello!  I love all kinds of art, but Oil Painting is my main passion.  I enjoy exploring all kinds of art styles and techniques.  Lately I have been exploring with what I call intuitive abstract.  I use painting as a form of relaxation and meditation.  Sometimes I use a photo reference, and sometimes I just let the feelings flow.  Painting can be a wonderful way to relax!  Here are a rew recent abstracts. 2021


I was thinking about what lies beyond the reality that we can clearly see.  I believe there is so much more.  I call this painting "Beyond the Veil".  2021

I was walking in the woods with a friend of mine, and she was explaining grounding and energy and chakras.  I looked at her while she was talking, and I could imagine her aura and all of the energy she had.  This painting is inspired by my vision of my powerful friend.



From 2013 to 2016 I lived in Naples Italy where I studied oil painting with an Italian Master- Gigi Wanvestraught.  The following paintings are done in the taditional style of oil painting that he taught me.  Almost all of these were painted using my own photos as a reference.











































For this painting I used a photo I shot in Paris France as a reference.  I decided to loosen up a little.  I like the energy.  I sold the original, but you can order prints.


This is a painting I did before I had any painting lessons.  I used a photo I shot at Red Rock Canyon as my reference.


Claudia Croneberger


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