Claudia Croneberger- Wool & 100 Day Dress Challenge

My Rowena Swing Dress from Wool & arrived in the mail yesterday!  I decided to give their 100 Day Dress Challenge a try.  Sounds simple!  Wear one of their dresses for 100 days and they will give you $100 toward your next dress from them!  I washed it in the sink, hung it up, and I was pleased with how quickly it dried!  Wish me luck!


Day 1

I was excited to wear my dress for the first time!  I paired it with leggings and a wool scarf I bought at a thrift store on a visit to Germany several years ago (it's one of my favorites).  I headed out for a long walk with my dog.  It was such a beautiful day, so we headed to the nearby lake.  The lake has a long name!  Hochwasserrucknaltebecken Sulzbach!  It is very beautiful- especially at this time of year.  I love the feel of this dress, and I was neither too hot or too cold.  The temperture outside today is about 2 degrees celcius.  I also had a jacket on, but I took it off for this photo.  I used a timer on my camera to shoot this photo.


Day 2

Getting dressed today was so easy because I knew I was going to wear my Rowena Swing Dress.  I threw on some purple tights, a purple scarf, and purple sweater.  I walked my dog then spent the day out and about running errands- Vet Appt, food shopping, got my flu shot, went to the post office- this dress goes everywhere!  I really love the pockets too!


Day 3

Today started out cloudy and cold with a threat of rain.  That does not stop us from going for our morning walk!    Getting dressed today was so easy.  I just took a shower then threw on my Rowena dress with some leggings, socks, hiking boots, and a raincoat!  I thought maybe I would be chilly with just the light raincoat on, but my morino wool dress from Wool & kept me at the perfect temperature as promised!  Today was housework day, so after our walk I just threw on an apron, some "house shoes", and have been cleaning away!  I love this dress!  Tonight I have orchestra practice, so I will ditch the apron and maybe don some fancier shoes, but I don't have to think at all about what I am going to wear tonight!


Day 4


It was a beautiful day, so I enjoyed a 6 mile walk with my dog.  This dress is so comfortable!




SCARF, BELT, TIGHTS, BOOTS- Wool & Rowena Swing Dress long. 


A friend told me how great I look today!  I told her I was on day 5 of the challenge!  #wooland



Day 6


Exploring a new place!

I arrived at Kloster Heiligkreuztal

for the Black Forest Quilters Retreat.

I usually over pack when I take trips because I never know what I might want to wear.  Packing for this trip was so easy because I knew I would be wearing my Rowena dres every day!



Day 7


In between sewing at the retreat I took a little walk around to explore.

Day 8


I stayed up very late last night sewing.  My pattern for this quilt instructed me to make 31 whole squares, 8 right half squares, 8 left half squares, and 4 corners.  I thought I would lay it all out this morning, but it was not working.  I have extra pieces?  No, the pattern had a mis print.  I needed 41 whole squares.  Back to the maching to make 10 more squares.  I don't mind, because it is so fun, and I love the colors!

Day 9


Back home from the retreat.  I washed my dress last night and hung it up to dry.

Today I have errands to run, so I am ready to go with my freshly washed Rowena dress.

This is me in my little back yard oasis.


Day 10


It was cold today.  I put on sweat pants under my dress to walk my dog.

Day 11


My sister sent me some red leggings!  They go great with my black Rowena dress from Wool&!  My dog is thinking, "Quit posing and lets go for a walk!"

Day 12



This dress is very comfortable for lounging around too! 

Today was cold and rainy.

It was a perfect day to relax with a good book.

I love Sutton Foster, and I love crafting, so I am really enjoying this book!

Today is also the birthday of my wonderful husband!  I made him dinner and a cake, but I forgot to wear an apron and got cake batter on my dress (too much to spot clean) so I will wash it tonight.  I just wash it in the sink with a little baby shampoo, rinse it, roll it up in a towel to get the excess water out, and hang it up to dry.  So easy!

Day 13


Me- "Want to do a magic trick?"

My Dog, " Yes!  Watch me make that piece of bacon in your hand disappear!"


Day 14


Contemplating autumn leaves, life, death, and reincarnation.

ⁿDay 15


Walking up to the top of our favorite hill.

Day 16


Grateful for my dog who insists we walk every day!

Day 17


I could not bring my dog to the laundromat with me, but I can wear my Rowena dress!

Day 18


I do wear my dress when I paint Day, but I wear it inside out in case I get paint on it.  

Day 19


Serenading my dog

Day 20


Brisk Fall Day


Day 21


The self timer caught my pup just as she was jumping up to get her toy!

Day 22


Chance of rain today.

We love our daily walks!

Day 23


Striking a Pose

Day 24


I have been wanting to take a photo wearing this creepy clown mask.  Why not on a random day in November?

Day 25


Day 25/100

Day 26


Feeling a little under the weather.  My Rowena dress is soft and comfortable for snuggling on the couch.

Day 27


Just finished making this crochet blanket!

Day 28


This is one big pumpkin!

Day 29


Day 30


Day 31


I am also wearing a crochet shawl I made!  Melody wants to play!

Day 32


It is very cold today.  The puddles are frozen.

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